GameDev stuff that I needed to put back up…

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GameDev stuff that I needed to put back up…

As posted at Godsend Productions.

Golgotha Assets and Source courtesy of Crack.Com and Jonathan Clark (released as Freeware)

Golgotha was an unfinished game when closed its doors. They released all of the source code and assets into the public domain (as well as the code to Abuse). I have compiled these assets and such here so that people can enjoy them to the full extent. You will also notice that they are often for sale on TurboSquid and such since there is no limit on how they are used. So get them for free instead of paying for them...and put your money towards the artists and programmers on your team.

Golgotha (Full)

Golgotha Music

Golgotha Sound Effects

Golgotha Textures

Golgotha Source Code

GPL'd id Game Development Technologies

id has done a great job at releasing their tech into the wild for fans and developers to make use through the GPL. There are a ton of excellent projects out there making use of the various technologies included in these engines.

GPL'd Radiant Source

Quake 1 GPL Source Code

Quake 1 GPL Tool Source Code

Quake 1 GPL Map Sources

Quake 2 GPL Source Code

Quake 3 GPL Source Code

RPG Maker Technologies

These are the base downloads for RPG Maker XP and VX and the example projects released by Enterbrain!. You must download the RTP package from their web site (XP | VX) as it is not licensed for redistribution. You will need to purchase a license to develop and distribute games in the US.

RPG Maker VX 1.02

RPG Maker XP

KNight-Blade Howling of Kerberos (RPG Maker XP Example Project)

Torque-related Game Development Technologies

I am a community manager at GarageGames and I often get asked by users for a lot of different things. Here are a couple of those things that I or others have packaged for everyone's use.

Maya2Map Exporter for Maya 8

Torque Game Engine Demo (with starter kits and a for use on OS X)

Muti-GameType Starter

Mirror .CSX for Constructor to show people how to make a Mirror in Torque