Soylent 1.6

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And there's a new version of Soylent on the market and in my pantry. This new version is a bit sweeter than 1.5 and has a distinctive smoothness to it. 1.5 was grainier, and while some people like the textural element, I much prefer the smoothness of 1.6. It also mixes better and is easier to […]

Trying out Soylent 1.5

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So, I pulled the trigger and have purchased a subscription for 56 meals of Soylent to try as a replacement for either skipping breakfast/lunch or the really bad meals I often eat for both (noodle cups, frozen taquitos, frozen pizzas, etc). It will not be 100% replacement, though. I love food way too much for that. I'm […]

Horizons, horizons

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Just thought I would post a small update on the off-chance that anyone reads anything that I post! I am currently doing some work for the Union initiative at Unity Technologies. It is an initiative designed to bring current and future games to emerging platforms whether they are set-top boxes, TV internals (play a game […]