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Two Cool Things from Around the Net

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Ben Nadel's Extensive  JQuery Explanation

Ben Nadel is an expert. I'm usually pretty skeptical when I see/hear the word expert, but in this case it is true. His resume not only speaks for itself, but his presentations and previous work speak more volumes than his resume ever could. His extensive look at JQuery is one of the best explanations I have ever heard on it; and extremely accessible to people new to JQuery. I'm not new to JQuery and it gave me a ton of "Ah-ha!" moments where I groked things I hadn't realized I did not get.

Mark Cuban's "Open-Source" Business Stimulus Plan

Do you have a killer business idea? How about 999? I found both of these on Seth Godin's blog. Very, very cool (and open) proposal for serious businesses.

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Using Python as a Learning Language for Introductory Programming Students

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Python is one of my favorite languages, not just because it has clean and clear syntax, but because its block-based style promotes strong and consistently readable style. This is not only extremely important for production level code in enterprise applications (often not written in Python but utilizing code style practices) but is of utmost importance to new students of programming. Readable code may not mean that it is easy to debug, consistent and clean coding styles provide a much easier means of following programming logic.

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