A couple of updates.

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The Game Developer's Conference 2010 I had the wonderful opportunity to head to the Game Developer's Conference this year to hit the show floor and talk about our 2D iPhone engine. The first day there I happened to pull a muscle in my foot badly enough to tear the cartilage...not the best thing to have […]

Broots is a bad, bad, bad, bad boy.

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Well, today Broots escaped from his cage and was running amuck in the piano room--well, only amuck if you count his murderous frenzy on some papers and low-lying books that he knocked off the shelves and made a mess with. I wish I had taken pictures, but we were more concerned with cleaning up and […]

More Zoe and Broots

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While this isn't the most exciting video of Zoe, it is one that I could get while she was relatively motionless. Otherwise she was quite a blur. And here's Broots again, this time getting the camera strap. He's pretty damn viscious with those paws. He grabs on and refuses to let go! Yes, I know […]