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Devember 19-21st: A lot of nothing and then a little Unreal and RPG Maker MV asset editing.

So, if you haven't checked it out yet, RPG Maker's official site is having an 85% off sale on most of their assets. So if you like the engine, grab a bunch now. You can use the code "santashelper" for the assets and "hohoho" for the software (MV not included). You will need to do two shopping trips since it will only apply one code. You should also head over to Packt Publishing for their $5 e-book sale. Much like last year, I picked up a number of titles. Some of them will be released throughout 2016, so I'll have more than enough reading material for the future! Currently, I'm working through Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine. As always, they also have their free book of the day so you can hone your skills daily. I also picked up the Platforming Kit on the Unreal Marketplace to learn from.

But aside from the stuff that I picked up, I have not done much this weekend. In fact, I did nothing development-related. I did, however, start working through the Blueprints book and have been experimenting with parallax maps in RPG Maker MV. I've been using Fallen Lorelei's tutorials on YouTube. She's pretty awesome and her videos have some fun and simple Photoshop tricks as well.

Item Shop tutorial

Parallax Mapping for Beginners Playlist

My final piece was not nearly as artistic or interesting as hers, but I wanted to get the core workflow down.

Here's my screen as I started this process. On the far left, I have Lorelei's video running so I can scrub/pause as needed. Then I have the Rural Farm tile pack docs open and a calculator. Then, RPG Maker MV and Photoshop. Once I have the workflow down better, I'll just have Photoshop and RPG Maker with the calc at ready on my phone. For now, these little half-windows seem like the best way to learn the process.

Desktop screenshot at the beginning of Parallax mapping

So the first thing that I needed to do in the new project was make sure I had the right plugins installed. The three that are needed are:




You will need to download and copy them into the <projectName>\js\plugins folder and then activate them in the plugin manager. It is under Game > Plugin Manager on the menu in RPG Maker MV.1 - plugin manager

2 - plugin manager dialog 3 - plugin manager selection

4 - plugin manager with selected

Now you should have the three main plugins needed to follow her tutorials.


I'm well over my hour of dev time with just this write-up and clipping screenshots. But this will get you started with MV and her tutorials. Until next time!

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