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The Places My Mind Goes – The Boink! and Dope Connection

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I was driving home from Theatre ISU's fun and lively production of Picasso at the Lapin Agile when I heard a song by Dope featuring Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society (as well as being a hell of a guitarist for Ozzy). The song "Addiction" has the chorus:

Cocaine, heroin, alcohol and vicadin

And I couldn't get out of my head that I had heard this string before or at least something like it. Here is the video:

Nice bit of nu-metal, that.

The song that I had in my head wasn't Nu-Metal, though. Not really much of any kind of metal. More of a fun-punky sound that the second stage of Vans is so fond of. It took a second to remember what it was. It was Boink! A band that I found while looking for music for Die Happy.

Here's their in-development site. The song is "Prescription Cocktail". Two different styles that use what I am sure is most likely a twist of a common drug-poet chant in very different ways. Boink's list is a lot longer and a bit more fun, though. Definitely not the same, but both caught in my head and it took looking them up (and sorting through my music collection) to figure out why my brain would not shut down.

Prosiac, Ridilin, Aderal, Welbutrin/Put it in the water now/Everybody's learning how

Paxil, lithium, SoCo, give me some/Put it in the water now/Everybody's gonna feel happy, happy, happy, not sad.

Prosiac, Ridilin, Aderal, Welbutrin/Nicotine, tylenol, heroin, alcohol