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The Qwest to Keep a Phone Number

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Strangely enough, I was told for the second time that I could not keep my phone number for moving across town. This may seem natural enough in New York or L.A. where I may be crossing area codes, but not so much here in Pocatello. Especially not when I know so many people who have moved more times and across larger distances (and into and out of the same parts of town) that have kept their phone numbers. And yet, we have had to change ours not once but twice.

Personally, I believe it is an employee scam, though one that I can understand in the high-stress sell-sell-sell environment in a call center; even if I hate it. The scam, as I see it works this way. You call the help number and are shuttled to an employee whose numbers start running. Are you getting new services? Phone services? Internet? DirectTV? Cellular service? In our case, we were upping our internet service because it is faster where we are moving. Very good. Ka-ching. Money in the employee number bank. They just made a sale. How about another one? We don't want DirectTV because we rarely watch TV. Damn. We don't want cell phones because we're with AT&T since they are the only provider that offers iPhone support in our area without reprogramming (and have the best "unlimited" data plan prices in our area to boot). Damn. Oh, we're moving? Well it looks like we cannot transfer your number. Now I have to close the current account number and open a NEW account number for you. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. But I just opened a new account and see my numbers rise.

What could I do? Say "SONOFABITCH! I WANNA KEEP MY NUMBER! LET ME TALK TO YOUR BOSS? I'MMA TRANSDER TO CABLE ONE AND KEEP MY NUMBER LIKE ADVERTISED?" Not really. Marni took care of the details, but if we had transferred, we would have had marginally less internet service in our area and new setup fees anyway (as well as a new cable modem). So, no.

Sadly, convenience can let us feel shafted; but shafted in a way that we decide. It is inconvenient that we had to switch numbers (twice, mind you, in two years), but it is convenient that we keep our current service and had next to no disruption in the move when we have only a week in the house before our honeymoon.

It's worth it, right? Right?