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New Position; Same Old Situation

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Well, I accepted the new position of "Computer Analyst" which is now a non-classified position here at ISU. It is a raise in pay and a lot more programming, which I am quite excited about. I'm still unhappy about the situation that led to the opening of the position. Unhappy is an understatement, but the lab team has had to figure out how to pick up and move on. In fact, I'm starting something that I had planned out years ago that I'd never gotten around to. A way to help document some of the cool stuff that the lab team (past, present, and future) have been able to solve and bring to higher education at Idaho State University.

I haven't gotten very far on it since I have next to no spare time lately (or most of that has been spent sleeping after my appendectomy). I'll be posting more soon as well as contacting members of the lab team past and present to help out if they want.