Triggering Problems in Graphical Adventure Games

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I'm not sure how many people played Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, but I have to say that I really enjoyed the majority of what the game had to offer. Unfortunately, I also was extremely irritated by some segments (especially the segments where I was being chased and had to lock/unlock doors with […]


Getting Our Floors Done and Painting

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Today the hardwood guys are coming in to sand and stain our floors in the living room, study, office, and front hallway. We chose a nice dark mohogany stain, though I'm about to head over to see what he would recommend. I know it would go wonderfully with the colors we have selected, but I […]


Eyeing Content Management Systems

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I'm an avid WordPress user and fan, but some of the projects that I am thinking about need something much more than a simple blogging system. They need something that traditionally falls into the CMS category. Unfortunately, a lot of the CMS's out there aren't organized the way I would like or are not as […]