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Theatre de la Jeune Lune closes its doors

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Living outside of the hub of theatrical activity in the major centers of the US, I did not realize that Jeune Lune closed its doors in July. This makes me extremely sad in that of Marni and I's "13 plays in 13 days" excursion to Minneapolis in May of 2007, we saw two extremely magical and amazing productions: Don Juan Giovani and Figaro. Both were a combination of spoken dialogue, seemingly improvisational monologues and dialectic moments combined with fantastic opera, elegant yet complex stage effects, and amazing video scenework.

Figaro was by far my favorite, combining the music of Mozart and the play of Beaumarchais with modern technology of video screenwork, daring monologues and dialogues by Steven Epp and Dominique Serrand. It was a very funny production with a sweet and tragic bite to it. It was one of the most daringly beautiful pieces of theatre I have seen in a long time.

Don Juan Giovanni was a combination of Don Giovanni and the story of Don Juan and set apace with daring opera and fantastic travels. It was fun, frantic, and absolutely beautiful.
Steven Epp will be performing Pinter's The Caretaker at the Downling Studio in the Guthrie, however. If you have not seen him perform (and you can get to the Minneapolis area), I would strongly suggest going.

Here is the information:
The Caretaker
by Harold Pinter
directed by Benjamin McGovern
Featuring Stephen Cartmell, Steven Epp, Kris L. Nelson
October 11 - November 02, 2008 (Opening October 15)
Dowling Studio
Price Range: $18 - $34
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Widely considered Pinter's first success after receiving recognition from the public and critics alike, The Caretaker is a provocative piece that elicits a multitude of interpretations and reactions from its audiences. The Caretaker is set in a run-down flat in London shared by two brothers, Aston and Mick. When one of them brings home a talkative, homeless, older man, their everyday routines begin to take uneasy dramatic turns.

Confusions and tensions grow between the hosts and the intruder - who vaguely seems to be an old acquaintance - and as the intruder attempts to define his place in the household, a precarious balance of the brothers' lives is inevitably upset. Pinter's masterful use of dialogue and the play's depth and perception completes this modern masterpiece, dealing with the distance between reality and fantasy, family relationships and the struggle for power.

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Using Python as a Learning Language for Introductory Programming Students

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Python is one of my favorite languages, not just because it has clean and clear syntax, but because its block-based style promotes strong and consistently readable style. This is not only extremely important for production level code in enterprise applications (often not written in Python but utilizing code style practices) but is of utmost importance to new students of programming. Readable code may not mean that it is easy to debug, consistent and clean coding styles provide a much easier means of following programming logic.

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