The Qwest to Keep a Phone Number

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Strangely enough, I was told for the second time that I could not keep my phone number for moving across town. This may seem natural enough in New York or L.A. where I may be crossing area codes, but not so much here in Pocatello. Especially not when I know so many people who have […]

RockBand Tuesday (10/28/2008) Releases

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Missed a week since I had an appendectomy, but it was Nirvana fun. So it was a good week to Rock Band! Looks like this week will be fun as well. Here's the line-up. Hong Kong Garden - Siouxsie and the Banshees Kiss Them For Me - Siouxsie and the Banshees The Killing Jar - Siouxsie […]

New Position; Same Old Situation

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Well, I accepted the new position of "Computer Analyst" which is now a non-classified position here at ISU. It is a raise in pay and a lot more programming, which I am quite excited about. I'm still unhappy about the situation that led to the opening of the position. Unhappy is an understatement, but the […]

Whirlwind or Slow Motion?

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Well, appendectomies seem to come at the absolute worst times. Not only have I been rendered useless when it comes to painting (which was what was on schedule this week) but also moving heavy crap (which is on schedule for next week). At least I'll be able to clean the apartment and not feel like […]

Getting Our Floors Done and Painting

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Today the hardwood guys are coming in to sand and stain our floors in the living room, study, office, and front hallway. We chose a nice dark mohogany stain, though I'm about to head over to see what he would recommend. I know it would go wonderfully with the colors we have selected, but I […]