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Google Chrome FTW

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So I'm using Google Chrome and testing out WordPress, Joomla, etc with it...and it seems to work very, very nicely. In fact, it is quickly becoming my favorite browser (and that's only from a few hours of using it!).

When it comes to browsers and usability, I tend to like the simpler side of life. I do wish it had an AdBlock option by default, though. I'm sure it will be added quickly enough either as a plugin or as a splinter project called something crafty like Ad$FAIL.

One of the features that I really like as a web developer (you never suspected I was so crafty, did you?) is the Inspect Element feature. It's quite a handy feature, being able to see how each element fits into the page (and how it is being interpreted by the browser; which is even more handy). It's not as full-featured as Firebug from my little bits of testing, but then if casual game development is on the lower tier of game development, I'm a casual web developer (if even that).

I've had it crash a couple of times on different pages, though not on ones I expected it to crash on (Joomla or WP WYSIWYG editors). One was Plurk, most likely because the AJAX pipeline was kicking the hell out of the JavaScript VM in some manner. But a reload fixed it as it re-instanced the tab. The other was on MySpace, most likely because of some horrible coding mechanism embedded somewhere in one of the awful stylesheets I saw.

When it comes to Browser UI, I'm a minimalist and like it to look shiny (it is minimalist but not shiny). Moving the tabs to the top makes sense from the application POV (file folders should be shown like that), but it also takes me a bit more time to get it there. It does, however fit a great usability guideline of having an infinite ceiling since I can jam my mouse up and not have to target a "tab top".

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get to do a bit more playing with and actually give it a real test-run. I did find the auto-installer interesting and kind of nice. I kind of hoped that none of the malware sites would pick up on its techniques. "You don't have the right codec to watch your pr0n...install now!"

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PAX Collection on RockBand!

Category : Games

Skullcrusher Mountain - Jonathan Coulton

Livin' on the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe - MC Frontalot featuring Brad Sucks

Shhh... - The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets