Soylent 1.6

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And there's a new version of Soylent on the market and in my pantry. This new version is a bit sweeter than 1.5 and has a distinctive smoothness to it. 1.5 was grainier, and while some people like the textural element, I much prefer the smoothness of 1.6. It also mixes better and is easier to […]

Trying out Soylent 1.5

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So, I pulled the trigger and have purchased a subscription for 56 meals of Soylent to try as a replacement for either skipping breakfast/lunch or the really bad meals I often eat for both (noodle cups, frozen taquitos, frozen pizzas, etc). It will not be 100% replacement, though. I love food way too much for that. I'm […]

Devember 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th: Visualizing Blueprints and Learning Hexagon

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I've been working through Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine and have nearly finished with the book. The UI editor seems to have changed somewhat significantly between 4.10 and the version the book uses, so I did have a little difficulty there with sizing elements, etc. But going through the Unreal Engine tutorials helped out. Otherwise, I've […]